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The Wetterling & Partner team

Identifying, naming, and implementing necessary improvements in the company – it’s what we are best at. We don’t sweat the small stuff, we always look at the big picture. We quickly grasp the current status, define goals, find practicable solutions, and get your company on the right track.

Wetterling & Partner team is made up of entrepreneurs and experts who know from their own experience the kind of challenges a company and, above all, the company’s employees face during times of change and growth. The mix of focussed practical knowledge and resilient network distinguishes us and advances you sustainably.

We support companies in the EU, Eastern Europe, North America, and Asia. Our core team consists of 10 partners and employees. In addition, we work selectively with 20 experts who support you in key areas such as IT security, social selling, law, marketing, and communication.

You can rely on an established team with extensive experience that always thinks one step ahead and implements even unusual projects. Take advantage of our know-how and practical experience to achieve more profitable sales or to introduce and integrate sales 4.0, direct marketing, or multichannel sales.

Mike Wetterling – My Story

Growth, finding and implementing solutions, intrinsically motivating people, promoting companies, and being a role model as an entrepreneur: This is what drives me and our team. I founded Wetterling & Partner in 2017 to pass on my knowledge and skills to entrepreneurs and companies in cooperation with other experts from the business world.

I am an expert in modern business development, direct sales and distribution 4.0, strategy, piloting, implementation, leadership, recruitment, onboarding, and training. Over the past 20 years, I have been working internationally – among other things in modern sales structure development, leadership, strategy, but also in the development of incentive and commission systems.

You have the vision – I am at your side to make it happen. Together with my team, I look at a company as an unbiased outside observer and as a whole. We will not only show you how to optimize individual areas and processes in such a way that they become sustainable in their success, but you will also learn how to make your employees a success factor. We are well versed in motivating people.

I have been a triathlete since 2011 and have been competing in the long-distance Ironman since 2016. Triathlon is like successful corporate management: It calls on the whole person and needs daily action and persistence. It also requires a lot of organizational talent and a huge amount of discipline.

This is where my person and my work come together. I’m fair to people, but hard on the job and don’t give in, even when things get uncomfortable. My aim is for you to achieve your objectives. And this also requires a great deal of determination and consistency.

Markus Hadschieff

Markus Hadschieff is a partner of Wetterling & Partner Unternehmensberatung and at the same time owner of other successful enterprises. He brings over 28 years of sales and customer service experience to our projects in his role as Sales Director, Sales Manager, and Managing Director.

Rizvan Askhabov

Rizvan Askhabov is a partner of the Wetterling & partners management consultancy. As a Director of Finance and COO and Boardmember he co-ordinates and leads other successful enterprises. Rizvan is an expert for Finance, reorganisations and procurement as well as Operations and introduces his more than 15 years of experiences in the role as a CFO, COO and coenterpriser in Central and Eastern Europe as well as Middle East and the USA.

Our pro bono commitment

Once a year, we accept a pro bono project. This is the passion project of our founder Mike Wetterling, who also wants to support people and organisations that do not have the budget of a large medium-sized company. Artists, researchers, and even product developers are often so deeply focused on their respective projects that sales are neglected. This is where we come in as experts and provide pro bono support in implementing great ideas and products.

Take a big leap forward with us at your side

Wetterling & Partner will help you achieve your objectives, no matter where you are at the moment. May it be sales, internationalization, personnel, leadership and management, or profitable business development: We’ll take care of it. Courageous, level-headed, and value-based.

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