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Do you want sustainable, profitable growth, but sales are stagnating? Is your business facing profound changes or is somehow stuck? Are you wondering which sales channel is the right one for your company and where you can get new customers? Whatever is on your mind: We understand the causes and won’t hesitate to make the hard choice to reach the best possible solution. We rely on tried and tested methods such as field reports, sales and customer excellence, or business model canvas.

Our way of working: pragmatic, hands-on, human, and always with the big picture in mind.

Benefit from our knowledge and experience in business development, sales, internationalization, human resources, and leadership.

Business trend

Digitalization, globalization, lack of professionals: These are just three aspects that make business development difficult for companies today. In addition, there are uncertainties such as Brexit or strict rules on lending. Under these circumstances, how can you increase sales and margins or improve your market position?

At Wetterling & Partner, reliable experts are at your side to make your company profits sustainable in the conflict area between competition, market development, resources, and processes. We create clarity, develop a roadmap with you for maximum added value, and work with you to put it into practice.

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Sales strategies

It is not only important to define sales targets, but also to plan and implement the corresponding processes. We ask questions, even unpleasant ones, immerse ourselves deeply in your sales and distribution, and understand it from the ground up. Multi-channel networking, direct to customer, direct sales for B2B, creative solutions to acquire customers – our goal is to develop a strategy that fits your values, is sustainable, and motivates your employees, because…

Successful sales win people over. Wetterling & Partner supports you in developing a meaningful and precise sales strategy, to implement it, and get your team to commit to it. Rely on our many years of practical experience in sales and distribution and join us on the road to success. We do not just hand over the concept. We are there with you every step of the way to implement it.

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Sales management

When sales are not going smoothly, we go on the hunt: Where are you losing sales, customers, profits etc.? What kind of adjustments are possible? How can internal and external processes be improved? As soon as we have understood the causes, we solve the existing problems with you and for you step by step.

Until you find the right sales experts to work for you, we will handle the selling for you. Sales-as-a-Service is not just a buzzword for us. We see ourselves as your partner. That is why we support you in sales management until we have set you up to make ourselves redundant.

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Growth beyond national borders poses complex challenges for medium-sized companies. Developing a business internationally requires good market knowledge, a resilient network, and the ability to adapt existing sales strategies to the target market.

Wetterling & Partner accompanies you and your team in selecting the appropriate markets, preparing market entry, and successfully implementing it. Together with you, we tailor the business model to the market conditions of the target country; we set up sales communication and sales structures to suit the new market. We establish on-site contact with important players and institutions in the target market and train your (sales) staff. We thus create the conditions for optimal business development in international competition.

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Employees are not simply a resource – even if the term human resources suggests this. They are the crucial factor for the company’s success. It is therefore important to find and retain suitable and good personnel who meet current requirements and who are intrinsically motivated to advance the company.

You can save yourself expensive headhunters in the future. We help you find ingenious ways to attract suitable employees and retain them for the long term. This also includes strategies for onboarding, appropriate training and continuing education, commission systems, and other concepts to increase employee satisfaction.

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Leadership and management

Modern managers create spaces in which others can grow and shape. They are role models, support their employees, and are aware of their responsibility to their team and the company. At least in theory. Wetterling & Partner turns it into practice. We create the conditions for your managers to become a central success factor.

We design and implement management academies for our clients, especially in sales. We coach and support your executives in their daily work. They get a toolbox and many tools, learn how to motivate and inspire themselves and others. They rediscover communication, learn how to deal with sales pressure and customer needs, and how not to lose themselves in day-to-day management. Always with a close focus on day-to-day business.

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