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Partners & Memberships


Mike Wetterling shares a close partnership and friendship with his colleagues from Genic. Together with his colleagues, he supports companies in the areas of sales 4.0, direct sales, external sales, leadership, business development and training & coaching. Mike works as a partner for Genic.

Genic: We are a team of direct sales, consumer goods, retail and big data experts. Our customers are providers of consumer goods of all sizes that want to achieve profitable sales growth through innovative sales concepts and powerful sales structures. We advise and support companies in their development: from trading strategies, multi-channel sales concepts and new sales channels. In addition, we advise and support our customers in the operational setup and control of their own or external sales teams.


A close partnership and friendship and a shared passion for the topic of “Wendekinder” and “3. Generation Ost »as well as the subjects people and companies in East Germany connects Mike Wetterling with the 3 professionals. Mike is partner with the 3 professionals.
# 3Profis: We support people and companies in the best possible way to overcome the Corona crisis and to emerge stronger from it.

We offer the linkage of our expertise from sales 4.0, leadership and digital transformation. All in all, we are # 3 professionals for you: analytical, solution-oriented, pragmatic and highly effective. We keep an eye on people and cost-effectiveness, so you can expect a professional and efficient consulting experience for your quantum leap through the Corona crisis.
Our collaborative network of business, medicine, media, politics and science is our scope for creating the individual solutions you and your organization need in times of Corona.

Dr. Adriana Lettrari-Pietzcker

Dr. Adriana Lettrari-Pietzcker (* August 2, 1979, Neustrelitz) is an organizational consultant, speaker, publicist and founder of the ‘3rd Generation East Network’. For her professional and voluntary work, she was awarded the titles ‘Woman of Europe Germany 2016’ and ‘Women of Europe 2017’.

As a systematic organizational consultant with a new work focus, she implemented cross-sector projects in the European Commission, the Federal Foreign Office, the German Bundestag, the non-profit Hertie Foundation and the Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania State Parliament. Her focus on ‘Public Sector’ is complemented by consulting projects in business at the Fürstenberg Institute. She also participates in its strategy department in the Eastern Region.

Her dissertation, published in 2020 by Nomos Verlag, is entitled “Political high-performance teams in the German Bundestag. Professional management in MPs’ offices in times of hyper-complex requirements. “

Eva Kemme

Your Coach for Change
I am passionate about accompanying change. It inspires me to support people to develop according to their strengths, potential and goals, and to see how powerful this change is for teams and entire companies.
I also attach great importance to quality and fairness, which is why I have committed to the Charter of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Eva Kemme

  • Systemic coach, consultant and co-active coach
  • qualified and innovative change manager
  • extensive expertise in project management and project management (Six Sigma Black Belt certified)
  • Over 10 years of responsibility for personnel and management
  • Studies: Business Education, University of GöttingenYour Coach for Change


The issues of “sustainable corporate governance” and “social corporate governance” are particularly important to us. And that clearly includes profitability. We support companies in connecting these points. Wetterling und Partner is a member of the Social Entrepeneurship network.

Social Entrepreneurship :
The primary goal of social entrepreneurship is to solve social challenges. This is achieved through the continuous use of entrepreneurial resources and results in new and innovative solutions. Controlling and controlling mechanisms ensure that social goals are lived internally and externally. (Definition, SEND 2019)
We face a variety of social challenges. Climate change, poverty in children and old age, digitization, a backlog of reforms in the education system, integration of refugees or demographic change are just a few examples. Instead of tackling these challenges at their root cause, the symptoms are often countered with tools from the past century. This means that potential is wasted and fundamental social improvements are rarely brought about. With all the social challenges of our time, there has to be a different claim. We need a rethink! Social entrepreneurs bring exactly this claim and address our social challenges holistically with innovative and future-oriented solutions. They use entrepreneurial and up-to-date instruments, placing social before financial return.
In 2019, we presented a definition of social entrepreneurship in a participatory process.

Energie Cluster

We are technology brokers in the “Energy Cluster” network and support member companies in marketing, sales and business development. We support the goals and the energy strategy of the federal government and want to use our skills to help achieve them.

The energie-cluster.ch: supports and promotes the Federal Energy Strategy 2050 through:

  • Promote energy efficiency and renewable energies with innovations
  • Reduce non-renewable energies and CO2 emissions
  • Strengthen demand for sustainable energy products and services
  • Promote networking between providers of energy products and services
  • Create new forms of collaboration across departments

«Energie-cluster.ch should act as a catalyst, facilitator and moderator in the research – development – market process»
(Dr. Walter Steinmann, Director of the Federal Office of Energy, on the occasion of the foundation of energie-cluster.ch on January 20, 2004 in Olten)

Areas of action

  • Research & Development
    Initiate and mediate national and international research and development projects, especially in SMEs.
  • Technology and knowledge transfer as well as mediation with screening, matchmaking, coaching
    Promote and convey new technologies and innovations, innovation, energy platform with providers, research and development projects, further education, etc.
  • Promote cooperations / startups
    Promote new forms of cooperation, support new companies.
  • Initial and continuing education
    Improving the image of occupations in the energy and environmental sectors, developing and offering new courses.
  • Export promotion / location promotion
    Global contacts and advice, joint trade fair appearances, organization of acquisition tours.
  • Communication / networking
    Publications in journals, periodical NewsLetter. Interviews, presentations on energyclusterTV.
  • Framework conditions
    Improve the framework with concepts and statements.


Wetterling und Partner is a member of the ZUGWEST business association.Public Private Partnership: PPP with traction
The municipalities of Cham, Hünenberg and Risch concentrate their strengths in the economic region ZUGWEST and use synergies for joint location profiling and active business management. In just a short time, the association has established itself as an important business organization.
Today, ZUGWEST, with over 450 members, is the second largest business organization in the canton of Zug and increasingly uses cooperations with other regional and cantonal institutions. The association’s vision is for the ZUGWEST economic region to establish itself as a national reference for an attractive, lively, successful and intact economic region.
In the association, business, politics and administration are committed to continuously improving the framework conditions for everyone in the region.

Our strategic goals

  • Appearance as a strong economic region
  • Integration and networking
  • Support regional business contacts
  • Cross-community location development