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JK Development GmbH

In a few words, how would you describe the cooperation?
We always experience working with Wetterling & Partner as pleasant and cooperative; in particular, we appreciate their willingness to compromise and be proactive.

What benefits did Mike Wetterling bring to you and the project?
With Wetterling & Partner’s support, we have been able to define our target group correctly and prioritize our accounts accordingly.

What expertise and characteristics do you find particularly worth mentioning?
Within a short period of time, Wetterling & Partner was able to get to grips with a business field that was initially foreign to them and provide us with the added value we expected.

Why would you recommend Mike Wetterling?
With a manageable team size, the company has flat and fast decision-making powers. We were presented reference cases in industries relevant to us.

Frank Hanses CEO Hofmann Menü-Manufaktur GmbH – Team feedback