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Kitchenaid Europa, Inc.

On which topic did Mike Wetterling support you?
Mike was one of the main drivers in helping us build a new omnichannel strategy for an innovative product in a competitive consumer goods market segment. The approach was centered around the direct selling business model, so his expertise in the area was essential to develop a successful strategy.

How do you describe the cooperation in a few words?
It was truly a pleasure working with Mike, as he is very committed and enthusiastic and above all an experienced professional able to understand business needs in depth and propose out-of-the-box strategies and solutions. He is easy to communicate with and has a hands-on approach, being flexible to adapt to different communication styles and the ongoing changing business needs.

What use has Mike Wetterling given you and the project?
Mike was the pivotal mind behind the innovative omnichannel go-to-market approach combing elements of direct selling with retail and D2C in order to deliver a competitive business strategy. Furthermore, he became deeply involved in anticipating blocking points, proposing solutions and supporting implementation when needed, in order to keep the project on the right track.

Which competencies or characteristics do you find particularly worth mentioning?
I highly recommend Mike for any complex projects around direct selling business models and furthermore for omnichannel strategies development. He has a deep understanding of the current complex consumer goods market and the rapidly changing consumer behaviors and moreover the experience to bring forward successful business solutions.

Why would you recommend Mike Wetterling?
Mike has a unique approach being both strategical and hands-on when situation requires. He is flexible to adapt and innovate in order to stay relevant to the ever changing business environment.

Irina Iordache Loyalty and Licensing Manager EMEA, Kitchenaid Europa, Inc.