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Projects and expertise of Wetterling & Partner

International manufacturer of chemical products
  • Goal: Conception and support for sales expansion – doubling of production capacity.
  • Result: Achievement of objectives in 1st year.
International service company
  • Goal: Improvement of fluctuation and productivity through Academy Concept for sales and management.
  • Result: -18% fluctuation, sales +25% in 18 months.
International direct sales
  • Goal: Development and implementation of lead acquisition strategy.
  • Result: 400,000 new leads in the first full year. Increase of new customer quota by 30%..
Swiss producer of stainless steel precision parts
  • Goal: Sales increase with at least the same margin through sales measures.
  • Result: Sales increase of +32% in 15 months.
International industrial company
  • Goal: Improved margins for standard products from -4 to +1.2% due to sales measures.
  • Result: Cash +1.2 million in the first year without sales losses.
Technology Start UP
  • Goal: New customer acquisition with healthy margin in defined target area using online and offline measures.
  • Result: Approx. 40 new customers in 12 months, successful business start
International trading group
  • Goal: New customer acquisition & digitalization and networking of sales channels.
  • Result: Multi-channel distribution & 230 new customers in 5 months.
Manufacturer and Sale of House Systems
  • Goal: Personnel recruitment for sales and assembly.
  • Result: +14 technicians and salesmen for new customers, savings for headhunter – approx. 15K€ per person.